Probably the most popular game in the world, Blackjack, which can be played here. It has everything inside it, adrenaline, math, strategy and suspense. Like all other card games, it has rules, those rules most of the time are the key which brings you to the victory. Do you know how? Keep reading and you will learn how to play successfully.


If you want to be a good player there is a rule which you must keep in mind, the rule number one, this is a Game. It does not matter what you believe or what you wish, all the games end with one or more losers, so bear that in mind and try to be the winner.


In this game you run against the Dealer, your Goal is to get the closest to the number 21 by summing the cards received from the Dealer, the perfect combination is the Ace of Spade and the 10 of Spade, if you got them you made a Blackjack.


There are 104 French cards in the sabot (2 decks), and the maximum number of players is 7 plus the Dealer. The Dealer distributes 2 cards in total for each Player and one for himself, then the game can start. Once all the players received their cards, the cards are faced up, it is the time to decide if you want to Stand, keeping the score that you reached or if you want to Hit. In the case you want to Hit, when your turn comes you can call a card. In this mini-guide, we are going to list you the 4 possibilities that you have when your turn has come.

Four Strategies you can implement

  •         The Stand, it means that you do not ask for more cards, you are going to face the Dealer with the two cards that you received at the beginning. Most likely, this decision comes when you have a score between 13 and 16.
  •         The Hit. Hit means that you will receive as many cards as you can until you say stop or you bus. If the total amount of your cards is more that 21 you have lost, regardless the result of the Dealer.
  •         Double Down. You can double your bet. In this case, you can receive just one more card from the Dealer. Just remember, the more you bet the more you can win or lose, despite the double bet looks to be an easy decision to make it is not, you must be a very expert player to make such a decision. The this is a “trick for Veterans”
  •         The Split. The Split is the most interesting and exciting feature of Blackjack. If you receive two cards with the same value, you can ask the Dealer to Split, this means that the two cards will be separated by the Dealer and treated as two separated hands, then you must place a second identical bet on them. There are a few restrictions for the Split, the cards must be the same in value and in the same figures. This means that even if you have a 10 and a King (both of them have the same value of ten) you cannot ask for The Split. Once you have placed the second bet, the Dealer will give you a second card, one for each hand. The hands will be treated separately, and you can win or lose twice.

Final thoughts

If you love the adrenaline, if you are the kind of person who loves challenges, this is your game. This game Players have one thing in common: they live for the suspense. If you want to try a very exciting Online Blackjack Fortuna Gaming has the right online casino UK brands to choose from.

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